Creatomus Sales Accelerator


Sales accelerator programme

An intensive programme for building a fully digital sales funnel

for off-site and modular manufacturers

Creatomus Sales Accelerator

You are invited to participate in this competition for a place in a structured R&D programme, where our team of digital technology, design and sales experts will help you to get to the next level in selling your building products.

Creatomus will develop Next Generation technology for selling modular buildings. You will have a chance to be the first one to use it, thus receiving competitive advantage by having it tailored to your business and products.

What it isCheck Circle icon

  • A 5-month programme
    to accelerate your sales up to 5 times
  • Design automation exercise
  • Digitalisation of your sales process
  • Setting up an automated sales funnel
  • Growth hacking with our technical team and an international sales expert
  • Digitalisation of your customer journey

Our team has set up more than 30 digital sales funnels for international customers in the US, UK, Finland and Estonia. We have a clear understanding of how new technology can make a real difference in automating your sales.

What it is notMinus Circle icon

  • Not a series of tedious seminars or mentoring rounds
  • Not for beginners and wannabes
  • Not an incubator programme
  • Not our standard service

We are looking for highly motivated partners to work together with

Magnify iconWho are we looking for

  1. A manufacturer with existing modular building products
  2. A team with strong motivation to accelerate their sales
  3. A technology driven team open to innovation
  4. A team with 2 or more sales people

Seal iconSelection criteria

  1. Your motivation and commitment
  2. Your technical readiness and approach to innovation
  3. The design and logic of your modular building system
  4. Your offer to match fund our investment
The selection will be done by:
Andrew Roberts (GBR), Olle Tischler (EST),
Tomas Westerholm (FIN)
and the specialist team at Creatomus

You will get

  • An automated funnel to turn leads into buyers — our aim is to improve your current lead-to-close ratio by 5 times
  • 1-5 online building configurators
  • Full control over the content of configurators
  • Skills and knowledge for operating the sales funnel and managing the content

Our promise

Creatomus will invest € 40 000 worth of our time into development of Next Generation of configurator software. No profits, no overheads.

We will commit up to a total of 1000 hours of our time to build the sales technology specifically for your product and business.

The following members of Creatomus team will contribute to the programme:

Karin - Project manager
Project manager
Johannes - Technology manager
Technology manager
Taavi - Building design manager
Building design manager
Ilya - UX/UI designer
UX/UI designer
Alexander - Software developer
Software developer
Patrick - 3D Modeller
3D Modeller

NOTE: Our offer includes a free subscription to our online configurator software for the first year. Monthly subscription fees apply thereafter. Please ask for more information from Karin


All applicants to the Sales Accelerator programme will be notified on 24.08.2021 30.08.2021 via email

Week 1
  • Initial requirements collection. You will specify your high level requirements and currently used technologies
  • Adjustment and detailing of the programme
  • Creative brainstorming with sales experts to set up more efficient customer journeys. Set up measurable goals and select key indicators
  • Technical meeting with Creatomus delivery team and your designers, engineers, production specialists etc.
Week 2-6
First prototype
  • Development of the prototype configurator for your building product based on our current technology. The prototype will help to identify the shortcomings in the current technology to match your requirements.
Week 6-8
  • Your sales team will use it the prototype for real
  • Technical support is provided by our team
  • 2 meetings with our sales experts
Weeks 9-10
Development of new software
  • Functional and technical specifications for new software development
  • 3 meetings for sales, design and production teams
Week 11-16
  • Software development and setup of fully functional funnel
  • Release of your building product configurator(s)
Weeks 17
  • Technical integrations (e.g. CRM, email service)
  • Feedback and fine-tuning user interface and the 3D content
Weeks 18
Launch of the solution
  • Publishing of funnel
  • Release of your configurator(s)
Weeks 19-20
Post accelerator
  • Data collection and key indicator analysis
  • Further sales and technical developments ideas collection

Register for the competition

To apply to the Sales Accelerator programme please fill the form

Number of people in your sales team

What motivates you to accelerate your sales?

How much time are you willing to commit to accelerating your sales in the coming 6 months?

How much are you willing to add to our investment of € 40 000 ?
0€ 10 00040 000

If you have more questions, please contact Karin
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