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Quality update

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Visual quality is our top priority now, and you can choose how far you want to push it. After some market research and technological development, we are finally ready to present you our 2 new quality tiers for Configurator:

High Quality

Superior quality

High QualitySuperior qualityRealtime in the browserPixel streaming from server
«WebGL» engine«Unreal Engine»


optimised modelsphysics based materialsshadow mapsambient occlusionbaked lights


high-poly modelsphotorealistic materialsNvidia RTXraytracingdynamic lights


System engineer3D-modelerVisual artist


System engineer3D-modeler ×2Visual artistGame engine specialistDevOps specialist
8000 +
30 +
300 +
buildingsconfigured and sold

"Top 10 Innovator in the area of property development" (according to Connected Places Catapult research, 2020)

Creatomus helps to:

  • Rapidly design modular buildings
  • Visualise all design choices
  • Speed up customer decision making processes

Our solutions

Online House Configurator

  • Interact with design and show real-time pricing
  • Simplify your sales process, automate pricing offers
  • Show off your design choices
  • Attract new B2B or B2C customers
  • Shorten customer decision making process
  • Record and manage design choices
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Online House Configurator
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The mission of our company is to change the way buildings, houses and apartment buildings are designed and delivered. We believe that buying and selling houses will radically change in the years ahead.

Our configurators

Beechwood NU living

Beechwood is a pioneering development of 251 customisable new homes in Basildon, UK. NU living offers a variety of exceptional 2, 3 and 4 bedroom modular houses. NU living uses configurator technology to offer an innovative service for private buyers to choose the design of their new home.

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Creatomus team is embodied by skilled architects, designers, software and business developers. Our Creative and innovative core is well balanced with long time international industrial experience, matured in leading and growing design and technology companies.

Our core team

Renee Puusepp

Renee Puusepp Founder / CEO

Renee is a veteran computational designer with experience of delivering digital solutions for the AEC sector since 2005. He spearheads modular timber architecture research at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and is the lead architect of the 369 Pattern Buildings industrial construction system. Holding MSc in Computing and Design as well as a PhD in Architecture from the University of East London, Renee connects Creatomus to the academic ways of thinking and making.

Renee strives for the construction to be less damaging to the environment and more affordable to everyone. Besides openly preaching mass-customisation and design for industrial construction, he frequents all major technology and project team meetings in Creatomus.

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Renee Puusepp
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Our aspiration is to lead the way and to deliver the world's best mass customisation software to assist both the buyers and suppliers of houses. In order to make the mass customisation of houses work we develop both the software and new off-site and modular house types.

Our partners

EKA + Creatomus+EKA + Creatomus

Creatomus Solutions is officially a spin-off company of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Creatomus grants all students at the Faculty of Architecture with a free access to its software, promotes modular construction in the academy and awards best student teams with grants to develop modular house products.

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We regularly participate in industry specific hackathons and also teach young architects to use state-of-the-art computational tools and design modular houses at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

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