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Modular Designer

Select Setup plan

One-time fee for developing the Modular Designer

For universities and open-source projects
  • DIY setup
  • Open-source designs
  • Coming soon
from €7 500
Basic setup
  • Included: 2D drawings, 3D models, Export PDF
  • You have all the info ready
  • Your designs are completed
  • We do the setup
Tailor-made solution
  • ERP, MES, CAM, BIM integrations
  • Custom logic and advanced image quality
  • We carry out a pre-project for €10K

Select Hosting plan

Monthly fee for hosting and supporting the Modular Designer

For open-source projects and education
For standard projects
  • Per one configurator or one agency
  • Free technical updates
  • Online customer support
For enterprise customers
  • For mission critical services
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Live customer support

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