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New CPQ software for modular buildings

15 March 2023
New CPQ software for modular buildings

Creatomus has recently launched a new design tool for rapidly designing and costing modular buildings.

The CPQ software includes the following core services:

What is a “Component”?

Everything is a component — a module, a wall, a window, a chair. Roof railings, staircase, module installation services and plumbing services are all components too.

Components can contain other components and are stored in the Library. Components get priced in the Pricing Editor and assembled into designs in the Design Editor. Components define the structure of the quote for the Quote Editor.

What’s the “Component Library”?

A database that contains all properties and definitions of components — a single repository of all available modules and their sub-components. It contains 2D drawing and 3D models, and a bill of materials (or quantities) for each component.

What’s the “Pricing Editor”?

Since each component may be priced differently based on the location, sales office, client and some other factors, pricing is stored separately from components. Each Pricing List contains a specific price for every component in the Library. This way any Price List can be applied to any Design and it will result in the correct Quote.

What is the “Design Editor”?

The core service for creating the design of the building by assembling the components from the selected Library. Components can be easily and quickly dragged and dropped into a design. Components are automatically aligned and snapped for making the flow as smooth and swift as possible.

Each added component can be configured according to its internal logic - one can easily add new or remove existing sub-components ****and related services. All changes made in Design Editor will be **automatically reflected in the Quote Editor.**

The Design Editor has an intuitive 2D interface for rapid design of building floor plans, and a 3D mode for interactive viewing the entire building model.

Site map feature — an extra step is to put design on the map, outline site boundaries and see it among the actual surroundings.

2D view

Creatomus: New CPQ software for modular buildings

3D view

Creatomus: New CPQ software for modular buildings

What’s the “Quote Editor”?

Creatomus: New CPQ software for modular buildings

A Quote is the final result of each project — a document with detailed pricing of each components and service included in this project.

Each quote consists of rows. Rows are created automatically from the Design Editor or added manually by users.

What can be Exported?