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Design a site hut in 2 minutes

17 June 2021

Ramirent is breaking the ground in digital sales of modular buildings. Based on the standardized system succinctly called “C” Ramirent offers a service for clients to design their site hut using a digital configurator.

The site hut configurator lets buyers or renters to choose the number of modules and add the second floor, if needed. Each module is then configured individually and becomes an office, sanitary or manpower room. Adjacent modules can be configured to host larger spaces for on-site project meetings. Granting access to the hut via internal or external stairs is also at the buyer’s fingertips.


Clients can choose to buy or rent site huts, with pricing information shown in real time during the design process. Ramirent has made quite a courageous move and published pricing directly in the configurator as it simply saves so much of their sales people time. Exposing pricing information to competitors makes many manufacturers uneasy, but Ramirent values the transparency that the solution provides to their customers.

The configurator covers all Baltic markets for Ramirent C modules.

More Ramirent configurators for other products and markets are already on the way.