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Online technology for rapid design of modular buildings

We are looking for new partners to steer and adopt the new software.

If you are a forward-looking modular producer or desing service provider and ready to turbo-boost your design and sales, then we may have a match!

Available in 2023

( for selected partners only, apply to become one )

The new technology is for rapidly generating design and costing information from a standard set of modular components, and communicating your designs with the customer online

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Supported types
of modular buildings

Check Outline iconHotels
Check Outline iconSchools
Check Outline iconPortable classrooms
Check Outline iconTemporary buildings
Check Outline iconSite huts and cabins
Check Outline iconSimple apartment buildings
Check Outline iconPrivate homes
Check Outline iconOther highly modular building typologies

Why this tool?

  1. Your business needs can drive the software development and you get what is right for you.
  2. The team behind it has a proven track record. We have custom built over 40 building configurators and accumulate this experience in the new tool.
  3. We know how modular design should work. We will use our own modular system Pattern Building as a use case.
  4. It will be super simple and accessible tool to use. Your team will love it and your clients will praise you.

Is it for you?

This tool can be used by the following players in your team:

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technical sales people

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design teams

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cost estimators