Creatomus is the leading provider of Configure-Price-Quote software for modular and off-site construction. With the background in industrial and computational architecture, the company has developed online configurators across the globe over 7 years. Creatomus configurators have been used for designing thousands of buildings to be ordered from the factories in the US, EU and Australia.

We believe that sustainable construction starts with redefining how we design our buildings. While better quality and more affordable buildings can be produced off-site, the industry will not be able to reap all benefits offered by industrialised construction without appropriate design tools.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the design and construction of buildings. We can achieve this goal by establishing real-time data flow between design and production.

— Sounds complicated?
— Not really!

Design for manufacturing and assembly can be accessible, simple and fun. Good bye, clunky CAD or BIM applications!